Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, Yesterday Sucked

Allow me to serve as a reminder for you all to be careful on the ice.

Seriously. You could slip and fall, just like that!

Especially if you’re walking on concrete—I think that you fall faster on concrete than you do on grass.

Yep, this was going to be my coffee yesterday morning, but I didn’t get to drink it.

Long story short—I slipped, fell, broke the bottom part of my fibula (it amounts to an ankle wound). Fortunately, this time, it’s a simple fracture, with no healing problems anticipated. They said four to six weeks, probably, and I’ll be back on both feet.

Also fortunately, we still have the plastic cast protector (for the bath), plus various other accessibility implements, from my previous trouble, and it’s been relatively easy remembering how to “do things.”

Also, I seem not to have lost my memory of how to get around on crutches (although my strength and callouses for crutching have eroded in the past few years). I’m not sure I’m good to do steps again, yet.

Meanwhile, since this time the break is in my left foot, my crutching and gettin’ around feels all backwards—it feels like driving in Great Britain.

So just remember—watch where you step, and be very careful wherever there could be a patch of ice.

UPDATE: "Simple fracture," my *ss. Read the next post to learn about my surgery! *Sigh.*


Unknown said...

I should have put an arrow on that last photo to show how invisible the ice was that you fell on. The crunched up snow is where you landed, I think.

Katelyn D. said...

Just remember, good things do come from the bad. If you hadn't had your Jones Fracture, Pam would never have introduced us. So, while this is a terrible inconvenience and, let's face it, a shitty situation, keep yourself open to new people and experiences. :) I hope you heal quickly and stay safe!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Darn such a waste of good coffee. And a good foot! Sorry for your injury. Hope you heal quickly!
If I were closer I'd bring you a cup from my capuccino machine $19 from Kmart, years ago!

whalechaser said...

Sorry about your accident and I do hope you are not getting any of this blizzard that is hitting Arkansas. If you do, someone ELSE will have to shovel it for you!

Julianna Schroeder said...

Ooh, I'm behind in my responses. I do try to reply to everyone!

Sue: that crunched-up snow there is where my feet ended up after I'd landed and kinda straightened my legs out. I landed sort of on my left side, then rolled over to my right, and that's when I noticed my left foot was tilted to the left. Yugh. In my memory, I see the snow and part of our driveway in the background of that image.

Katelyn, you're so sweet. I am indeed glad that Pam introduced us; your being a talented massage therapist was just the introduction to genuine friendship, which I value greatly. I count you as one more of the many wonderful gifts that Pam presented me over the course of my long association with her.

Patti: Well, it was McDonald's coffee, which is much improved, but it wasn't a huge loss. The hard part was that it had been molten all the way back from Columbia, so I hadn't had any coffee at all yet. And then to go to the ER--without having had ANY morning joe? Ergh. First thing we did when we got home, we made coffee!

Ellen, I have to admit, I kinda enjoyed shoveling snow after that big 20" dump we got: it was pleasantly lightweight and powdery. But now that I'm on crutches, I'm totally ready for the slippery stuff to be completely over! (Sue gladly shovels, but I hate it when I can't help her.)