Thursday, March 15, 2012

Op Op Celebrates!

As of early March, the Op Op blog started on its fourth year! To date, I’ve done 484 posts—egads!

Springtime is a great time to have started something, isn’t it?

We had a wonderful sign of celebration (AND a kickoff to the start of a wonderful birthday for my sweetie, Sue) this morning! With this warm weather, we’ve had the windows open all night long, so we awakened this morning to singing birds, as well as this sight:

Yeah, it’s “Tuffy the Opossum”—it was crawling around in our redbud tree at dawn. (I was wondering what Genji, our cat, was watching so intently!) (Sorry about the picture quality, but it was dawn, and you know how autofocus works!)

This past week, an opossum had been run over on Broadway; we buried her out beneath the elderberries. There was one teeny-tiny (dead) baby in her pouch. It was rather sad, but it’s reassuring to see that some of the opossums of our “urban wildlife” are still around.

For those of you who weren’t on board at the beginning, I encourage you to take a gander at my early posts. Ho-ho-ho!

There was the Op Op “signature” martini, for instance!

And four posts in a row discussing “what is an Opulent Opossum”! Surely by now, it’s clear this is not really a blog about marsupials. Those posts explain what I’m getting at with the phrase.

Grandpa’s dandelion wine recipe, Grandma’s recipe for wilted lettuce salad, and a post about the deep “roots” of our peonies helped set the tone for the blog (I think).

Did you know that when I started this blog, I really hadn’t taken many pictures at all? It’s been fun learning, and sharing with you. I’ve created albums on my Op Op Facebook page of some of my favorite photographs.

Well, here’s to Op Op year four. Thank you, so much, for joining me.



Jenice said...

Congratulations Julie,
I enjoy every post and especially hearing about your grandmother. She was a special lady.
Sue's pictures are wonderful also.

Julianna Schroeder said...

Thank you, Jenice, I really appreciate your kind words.

I assume you're talking about my Grandma S--and you know, we're coming up on "Edna Day"--her birthday was about the first day of spring: Mar. 22 would be her 107th birthday!

On a funny aside, she recently received a letter from Mutual of Omaha, offering her life insurance! I did call them and tell them to take her off their list, as she was deceased.

They said they were sorry, and I said, Hey, no problem! She would have cackled in amusement at the error!

(Makes ya wonder what kind of mail WE'LL be receiving after we're gone!)

Thanks again for commenting!