Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walnut Update, August 22, 2009

Here are some updated pictures of our black walnuts. The last time I showed you pictures was July 16--from that post you can access earlier pictures all the way back to when the tree was blooming.

Here is the pair I've been showing you all along.

Here, you can see a walnut's surface texture better, along with what I'm pretty sure are squirrel teeth scratches.

Here is a walnut that had fallen on the ground (or more likely, that had been knocked down by a squirrel). A squirrel has chewed into the hull exposing the hard nut within. When first exposed, the inside flesh of the hull starts off as greenish yellow then quickly turns brown. The juice will definitely stain your skin. I have no idea why the squirrels' faces aren't constantly brown instead of gray.

Last, here are five walnuts all clustered together! (Technically, I think it's two clusters.) The tree is truly laden this year. It's a sight to behold--and if you're walking under it, um, you might consider a hardhat!

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