Thursday, September 3, 2009

How I Do Love Weird Pies

Two posts ago, I told you about Catholic church picnics and shared some photos of last month's picnic (church supper) at St. Thomas, a community south of Jeff City on Route B, between Osage Bluff and the town of Meta (pronounced "MEAT-uh," by the way, so don't be getting any ideas based on highfalutin Greek and Latin etymology).

Anyway . . . I had a few pictures left over from that day that I wanted to share with you. They kinda deserve their own post, because of how special this thing was. Well . . . I thought it was special, at least.

See, one of the things I love about these church suppers is the dessert table. You find all kinds of desserts that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. Pies, in particular.

I just adore "weird pies," and at church suppers, I've had gooseberry pie, elderberry, squash, blackberry (as in, made from real fresh blackberries), rhubarb, rhubarb cream, mock apple, applesauce, black walnut . . . Man, oh, man.

So at St. Thomas, among the pies they so carefully organized (by type! look at that photo on the earlier post!), was one I'd never even heard of. Here's a closeup photo. See if you can tell what it is.

Hmmm: A crumb crust; the specks in the filling are cinnamon, plus (no doubt) some ground cloves, nutmeg, and/or pie spice. But the overall matrix, the goo? It was really sweet, and something like apple.

A little sticky, and very moist.

. . . And slightly fibrous.

Hmmm. . . . Guessed yet?

There were some green pieces in it . . .

One more hint: It's a vegetable that can be very, very abundant this time of year.

Got it yet--?

. . . Here's the dorsal view!

I love how they tagged them so people could know what kind of pie it was!


Anonymous said...

MMMMM,pie......One thing I learned the hard way...PACE yourself when you eat a blackberry pie you made and no one else in your house eats blackberry pie!!!! hehehehe -Paul

Julie said...

Um, yeah. And there are a lot of foods to be careful with. I learned a few years ago that rhubarb isn't something you want to have too much of at once, either. No matter how tasty it is! . . . But you might try sharing your pies with coworkers, you know, or your boss. Baked goods always score ya points at the office.

Dunraven said...

Found chokecherry jelly pie yesterday in at the Utica crafts fair!

Julie said...

So . . . how does chokecherry jelly pie taste, then!?