Monday, September 28, 2009

Frankenstein Fall Supper

Man, oh, man, is this a great time of year to live in mid-Missouri. We're right in the thick of fall festival time, just like autumn itself is officially here, with cooler temperatures and trees that are coloring up.

Today, I'll be a woman-of-few-words and simply post some pictures from yesterday's jaunt to Frankenstein, where the nice people of Our Lady of Help Parish had their annual fall supper.

The menu was homemade country sausage (which is really, really good--not greasy, and fairly mild; very meaty), turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans spiked with a bunch of black pepper, homemade coleslaw (the vinegar kind, very light, just the way I like it), applesauce, and--the soul food for us German-types--sauerkraut, in this case, augmented with white beans.

And then there's the bread basket, butter, and jelly, and last, but not least, your choice of dessert.

I seee-lected a nice piece of peeeee-cawn pie. Sue and Bonnie both picked up pieces of blackberry pie. Ooh-la-la. All this food is fit for a king, and we gotta eat it!

After eating, we didn't spend too much time looking around at the country store, the bake sale, the beer garden, and such, but we did linger each time the kiddie train passed by. Those kids enjoy it so much, it's a pleasure just to watch them.

The church in Frankenstein is lovely, and we did linger for a while in its sanctuary, appreciating the old wooden pews and the lovely ornamentation, including peaceful statuary, beautiful stained glass, and excellent decorative wall paintings.

If I were to decorate a church, I think I'd make it look something like this. Or at least, I'd want it to feel like this.

Finally, finally, finally, if this post has encouraged you at all, get out your calendar: Next Sunday is Linn (St. George Parish). Sunday, Oct. 11 is Bonnots Mill (St. Louis Parish).

Here's a flyer for proof:


BonnieChasteen said...

Great post, Julie--awesome photos! I had such a good time, and the church was lovely/divine enough to make a convert of me. Almost! We gotta do it again next year!

Julie said...

Are you up for Bonnots Mill? That's an incredibly scenic little town, and their parish hall is on that sweet, wooded hill overlooking the town and the river.

And the leaves should be just about at peak by Oct. 11, so the beauty of the drive will be a blessing all by itself.

Plus: I think they have a washer-throwing contest!