Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frugivory in Early Autumn

As you might remember from an earlier post, breakfast doesn’t feel complete to me without fruit, and fruit itself—with its punchy colors, its sweetness, its cool intensity—goes far in making me feel, well, happy . . . or happier.

I want to share with you one of my recent finds, down at Schnuck’s in the produce section: Mars seedless grapes, grown by Two Hawks Vineyards over in St. James. (Yes, Missouri has a lot of grape growers! Look here for a listing.)

Here’s a picture of a bowl of these lovely, sweet grapes, mixed with morsels of kiwi. The combination of colors really appeals to me.

The grapes remind me a lot of concords, in that they have a dark skin that can slip off; and the flavor is rather similar, as well, though more mellow than concords, and lacking the candylike “SweeTarts” taste that concords can have.

And of course, seedless grapes are quite nice for the table.

Yes, I’ll still get me a package or two of concords, since they’re in season right now, and make up a concord grape pie or a grape kuchen.

And the fruits are just one sign of it, aren’t they. It’s getting to be fall, and yellow leaflets sprinkle down from the walnut tree with each breezy gust. Maples around here are starting to show color.

It’s just time to think about pears, apples, and pumpkins, instead of, say, berries, peaches, and beans. The seasons keep turning, don't they.

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