Friday, April 8, 2011


I hope my previous post didn't get too many folks upset about my welfare--I was recently contacted by one reader who was concerned about my continued swelling and such, and urged me to check in with the doctor, since it could be a sign of a complication, etc.

So let me clarify: I was just complaining--just venting--that's all. It doesn't mean that I'm in any kind of agony. (In retrospect, that post was tactlessly self-indulgent, concerned only with my feelings and problems. It's not a very "Op Op" subject! Should I just delete that post--? Maybe this is not the place for me to "share.")

To me, any swelling is too much swelling. Yes, it's still a bit swollen. But every week the swelling decreases. My leg, ankle, and foot are feeling better than they have since my accident.

I've been through something like this before, and I realize that the recovery will take at least twice as long as "they" say, three times as long as I hope, and eighty times as long as I want.

And the swelling simply fluctuates depending on how I've treated my leg on any given day. On Wednesday, the day I wrote my last post, I dragged our garden hoses into the backyard (all wrapped around the monstrous, semi-convenient "hose reel") and then watered our pansies and filled the birdbaths. And I carried trash (some of it heavy) into the big trash bins.

Also, I swapped the small three storm windows on our back porch for the big but very lightweight screen. Hey, it was a nice day, and I wanted to work on the porch--and although I felt fine carrying the big screen up from the basement alone, I did not carry the storm windows clear down to the basement (I'll let someone more able-bodied do that).

After all that movement, it's no wonder the tendons and muscles of my ankle were warmer and more swollen that evening! Naturally, I was wanting to ice it down some.

So don't get me wrong--I'm definitely on the mend.

It's just not happening overnight.

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You NEED those screens today, the fresh air smells so good.
You know, I'm gonna try your ice treatments but for complelty different reasons. Damn hot flashes!