Friday, April 15, 2011

À la Mode Sunshine

When you come into the possession of top-notch comestibles, it’s time to cook something special, something that celebrates the gestalt of that particular foodstuff, so delicious, perfect, and lovely.

Now that I have some really good eggs, I’ve been indulging in some particularly eggy recipes. Here’s one I got from an old friend who grew up in a rural area near Toledo; her mother used to make this dish for her back in the forties. It’s called “à la mode sunshine” (not “sunshine à la mode,” though I don’t know why). Its warm creaminess, and the golden rays emanating from the bright crumbled yolks, helped to make up for all those grumpy gray days that plague northern Ohio.

Also, it's a nice, and rather elegant, way to use up leftover hard-cooked eggs . . . in case you anticipate having an abundance after Easter!

(Hey, hold on a minute: I like you—so don’t eat this if you have troubles with cholesterol, okay? Make yourself some oat bran muffins instead!)

À la Mode Sunshine

You will need:

sliced bread for toasting
salt, pepper
other optional seasonings to your taste

1. Hard-cook eggs; cool, remove shells.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks.

3. Chop the whites into fairly big chunks.

4. Mash the yolks in a separate dish.

5. Make a white sauce (per your taste). Add the whites to the white sauce. Adjust seasoning.

6. Spoon white sauce mixture onto plain (or buttered) toast.

7. Sprinkle the yolks (the “sunshine”) over the top to garnish.

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