Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunporch Update

Hi, everyone. This isn't a very big post today, but since I told you about our sunporch roof situation recently, I thought I should give you an update. Most of you will probably read this and breathe a sigh of relief that at least your ceiling isn't crashing down on the carpet.

Realize: Our sunporch isn't all about destruction and stress. When it's holding together, it's actually a very, very nice place to be. I think that my Grandma practically lived out there during the summer, with the banks of windows wide open.

There's even evidence in this very blog that I enjoy sitting out there, too. Look at this post for instance. There's even a nice picture of the sunporch on it.

And the spring-and-fall switching the screens and storm windows on the screened-in part is not an easy job, but in a strange way, we kind of love it.

So Monday, the new roofing company came over and replaced the porch roof that the old roofing company had installed four years ago. And I think they did a good job. Knock on wood.

And well, they did knock around up there as they worked, especially pulling out all those nails and stuff.

And the badly water-damaged plaster ceiling in there? Well--we knew we'd need to replace it anyway, but man, oh man. It fell down as they were taking off the old roof and its nails. Compare it to the pictures on that recent post. In this case, pictures speak much louder than words.

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