Friday, March 5, 2010

More Funny Jeff City Signs

I almost titled this post "hilarious," but these aren't as asphyxiatingly hysterical as some of the others I've seen and photographed. These are only "funny."

Still, they need to be laughed at just the same. Here we go.

Exhibit A

"Yeeeeeeeeee-hawww! It's Lent and now we get to pig out on allllll the seafood we want!"

Somehow, I don't think that "AYCE" seafood gluttonly is what we're supposed to be doing in this season of, um, penitent reflection!

Exhibit B

These are the USPS boxes on Washington Street, next to the downtown Jeff City Post Office. I didn't notice this one until a few days ago, when I finally drove the opposite way to mail my letters out of this set of mail boxes.

Even though I suspect they always sort out the mail anyway, I always scan for indications of which boxes are for local mail, and which are for out-of-town. (Why? Because I'm German, und ve alveys follow der rules!)

But the options here seemed pretty simple. Only the last box had any indication of local or out-of-town:

So you can imagine which box is always full to overflowing! I mean, if this box is for local and out-of-town, what other options would there be?

. . . Maybe those other mail boxes are for letters going to another dimension.

Exhibit C

Okay, I admit it. This is a really cheap "shot" . . .

. . . But I think I'd rather get it in the arm! Wouldn't you?

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