Monday, March 7, 2011

We Had Hail on Friday

What can I say? My ankle’s busted, I can’t drive, and I’m cooped up inside the house. I’m reduced to writing about the weather, which I mostly experience through a windowpane.

Friday afternoon, we had a real nice thunderstorm. The sky in the west got dark and ominous; it was almost like nighttime. I was on the sunporch so I got a great view.

Big ol’ raindrops, and strong winds. Thunder. The kitties hid.

It rained like the dickens! It started to hail—but it was no big deal; it was only pea or M&M (plain M&M) sized. But there was a lot of it. It kinda looked like snow.

Sue and I went around looking out the windows.

It was a real gully washer, toad strangler, duck drownder. It certainly cleaned out the street gutters—nice, how springlike rains help wash away the grit of winter.

We had puddles in our backyard, and that’s saying something, because we live on a hill.

I took some pictures from the second floor, and Sue got a nice picture of my car getting pelted.

Afterward, Sue went out and took pictures before it all melted (most of these pictures are from her).

Luckily, the daffodils weren’t up so high that they got damaged.

And then, as suddenly as it came on, the storm passed over, and the sun came back out, and somehow it was midafternoon again. Robins returned to our backyard, hunting excitedly for swimming earthworms.

All I could do was sit there in amazement.

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