Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joy Spring, Karrin Allyson

Here's a YouTube that somebody made with the music of one of my favorite Karrin Allyson songs, from one of my favorite Karrin Allyson CDs!

The album is Collage, made in 1996 when Allyson was still based in Kansas City. Click here to buy a copy of this album, where K.A. shows she can swing hard, scat with taste, break your heart with a ballad, and slay you with the blues. She also sings a Beatles tune and one by Monk, a Cole Porter tune, one by Billy Joel--and she even sings in French and Portuguese on this CD! A terrific sampler of her eclectic talent.

This song must be very difficult to sing, but she makes it sound easy!

Without further ado . . .

Info: The jazz standard "Joy Spring" was written by the immortal Clifford Brown. Karrin Allyson is on vocals, Kim Park on alto saxophone, Mike Metheny on fluegelhorn, Danny Embry on electric guitar, Bob Bowman on bass, Paul Smith on piano, Todd Strait on drums. All these folks were based in Kansas City when this was recorded; only Karrin and Todd (I think) have departed for greener pastures.


Teri said...

Somehow I clicked here in the never ending 'click to the next blog' action I do too often and you have given me such a taste of spring! Love your writing and your pictures. I have started following you and can't wait to see what grows, crawls or chirps your way next!

Julianna Schroeder said...

ACTUALLY, it's funny you should say that, because there is something coming our way here in Missouri:

Karrin Allyson is coming back to Kansas City for a show at the Folly Theater (www.FollyTheater.com)--mark the date: May 7!

Our Karrin allllways puts on a fantastic show, and even though she's based in NYC now, they haven't drummed the Midwest out of her!


(And an excuse to go shopping, visit a jazz club after, maybe spend the night . . . Hmm! Good times ahead!)