Monday, August 23, 2010

Turtles for My Friend

One of my favorite people is having a birthday today, and I thought I’d surprise her with a blog post just for her.

She likes turtles—a lot.

Many people have some type of animal they particularly love, admire, or identify with—one friend really likes elephants, to the point where she collects little figurines of them.

Another friend collects little chickens. And Sue’s sister somehow identifies with rabbits (I’m not sure I’ve heard that entire story yet).

And you would think, from the title of my blog, that opossums are my “totem animal”—but they’re not. Instead, they signify something about this blog, which is just a part of me.

Anyway, to celebrate my friend’s birthday, I’m posting some miscellaneous photographs of turtles, taken by Sue and myself. It’s just a little collection, a small gesture—but with lots of feeling.

Happy birthday, my friend!

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