Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reassembling the Sunporch

Yesterday, I told you about our success in restoring the old ceiling light fixture out on the back sunporch. And one thing leads to another: Having that light fixture back in place meant that we could finally put the clattery shell windchimes back.

I suspect these windchimes were a gift from my Uncle Tom, who lived for several years in Florida.

These windchimes have been on the sunporch for about as long as I can remember, and without them, the sunporch seemed eerily quiet. Indeed, the rustling clatter of those windchimes is the official soundtrack for the sunporch.

They give voice to the breezes that make the sunporch such a nice place to be.

For the grand occasion of their reinstallation, I gave the windchimes a thorough cleaning. (Yeah, they were filthy.)

And to top everything off—metaphorically only, of course—we found a new carpet for the room. We lucked into a nice big (perfect-sized!) remnant over at Scruggs—with a color and pattern we actually liked! Scruggs got the edges bound for us, and ta-dahhh!

Pretty nice, huh? And best of all, very affordable. Affordable = good!

Then, having the new carpet in place, we could move the old china cabinet and all its contents back into its customary position.

This necessitated a lot of very careful dishwashing!

We still have a bit more work to do out there, but we’re on track to have the porch completely “resurrected” by the time we get nice weather this fall.

And then, we’ll simply be living out there.

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