Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Munichburg Corner Update, May 2

I took a little stroll at lunchtime today and got some more photos for you. There have been some new developments.

First of all, if you don’t know what the Munichburg Corner is, you’ll have to look at some earlier posts, such as the one here.

Here are a couple of views of the whole shebang—this view is to the north along Jefferson:

This view is eastward along Dunklin:

The biggest new development is that they’ve torn up the old concrete in front of the wall and scraped the rubble to the side: They’re preparing the ground in front of the monument for the personalized pavers!

I also noticed that they’d gotten rid of the surplus stone left over from the building of the wall and cleaned up behind there.

Another new thing is that they’ve added the caps to the wall’s square columns. Here’s a picture of one.

Southside Commercial Historic District

Meanwhile, down the street a little ways, the 100 block of East Dunklin looks very close to being finished—at least on the outside. Look here for a recent post showing some pictures of this project in progress.

They seem finished with the sidewalks. It’s hard to tell from my pictures, which were taken at high noon, but the walks adjacent to the buildings aren’t the typical cement color—they are tinted brown.

They are now focusing on the street and curbing in front of the sidewalk, chopping up the edge of the street there and replacing it with concrete:

Oh, also, they are doing some work on the former “Texas T’s” bar; instead of it being a rude drinking and brawling establishment, they’re turning this into three different storefronts, with three entrances. I understand that they are wanting to attract businesses like a beauty shop, tanning salon, or a Curves, or perhaps even a food franchise, if the parent company approves of a nonstandard building location.

So! Things are really looking beautiful there in the heart of Munichburg’s historic business district, don’t you think?

. . . And this little dude certainly has something to smile at now!

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