Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Munichburg Corner, Update

This has just been a really busy month, and I really wish I could be posting more. There's a lot to write about.

Today I'm simply updating you on the progress of the "Munichburg Corner," which I informed you about previously.

The stonework appears to be done! The ironwork, lamps, sign, pavers, and plantings are still to come. But so far, it looks pretty good!

For your reference, here are some pictures of the old Nilges Grocery Store that used to be at 801 Jefferson, which was torn down this past year (sadly).

I think the most recent business that had been in that building had been a "car audio installation" joint. Meaning that it was where those obnoxious, rattling "cars that go boom" came from. While it was there, neighbors constantly complained about the noise and riffraff the business attracted.

Anyway, the stones now being used for the Munichburg Corner were salvaged from this old building.

I like the idea that there was some recycling involved. It's nice to think that building wasn't a "total loss." There is so much that is perfectly good in those old buildings, if put into the right hands.

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