Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funny Thought

Ha ha—I just sent an e-mail to the Food Network telling them about my big idea. And then my imagination took over—wouldn’t it be funny if they contacted me, now, and asked me to bring myself and my dishpan hands over to New York to discuss the fine points of my proposal?

Then I could start to regain my big-city edge!

Ha ha ha.

I’m sure my letter will get the same response as that time I sent an e-mail to Pizza Hut suggesting to them my brilliant idea for their next sensational pizza breakthrough: Fried-chicken-crust pizza! (Two great tastes in one! It would go over really well here in the Midwest!) Hee hee hee.

. . . No, I never heard back from Pizza Hut. And apparently, they haven’t used my idea yet. (Maybe they’re still experimenting in their test kitchens, eh?)

Of course, maybe the Food Network will look at my blog, show this post to Paula Deen, and she can develop the fried-chicken-crust pizza!

And frankly, she can take all the credit for it!

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