Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Post

I guess that everyone who writes a blog begins with a lame "first post" that isn't really intended to be read. So here is mine. Don't read this. I'm new to this whole thing, I'm not a computer genius, and as I'm faced with what amounts to "blank pages," I'm feeling that I have nothing whatsoever to write.

But really, that isn't true. I have some ideas, indeed. Solid ones. Hopefully, in the weeks to follow, at least some of what I'll post will be entertaining and possibly even have real substance. Still, at this point, I'll feel a great sense of satisfaction when I see that this text is simply posted. Whether it "says" anything or not.

And don't worry: I'll explain the "Opulent Opossum" thing soon. I've been wanting to begin "Op Op" for a long time. I hope you'll enjoy it.


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