Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year—2012

Apologies for my absence! My guess, however, is that you, too, have been busy playing “catch-up” with all the activities that got sidelined during the holidays. I’ll bet you haven’t had any more time for reading blogs than I’ve had for writing them.

Anyway, I don’t have much to report. I guess I could tell you about our holiday travels and the icy roads in Indiana, or I could describe the weather we’ve been having (up till yesterday, unseasonably warm; now it’s frigid with snow on the ground) . . . but that stuff’s old news, or boring, or both.

Still, I ought to report to you about something—if only to post a first entry for 2012!

Okay, here’s one thing: I realized this year, as we were taking down our Christmas decorations, that even though I often feel tired of seeing all that holiday stuff, I can’t help but enjoy seeing, and handling, all those pretty things again.

In other words, I never really get tired of them.

However, my body has about had it with the food. Honestly, I didn’t overdo it this year at all, but I did get off my oat bran muffins! At this point, we’re eating really lightly, and it feels great!

The “fun” oranges are back in season—blood oranges, Cara Caras, good grapefruits, and so on—and I’m having a blast with them. Schnucks had a bunch of temple oranges on sale. These, apparently, are a tangerine-orange hybrid. They’re excellent for making juice!

And my frugivory is continuing in other ways: We’ve been eating prunes! Prunes, I tell you! I need to do a post about them—they are an Opulent Opossum food, if ever there was one. Undersung, maligned, and forgotten, yet exquisitely delicious and good for you. What’s not to like? They need a cheerleader.

So, my 2012 is off to a slow start, blogging-wise, but stay tuned. I’ve got a lot of posts rumbling around in my head, and we’re going to do a lot of interesting things this year. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


MoonbeamDancer said...

I am with you - prunes are great! I splurge on the individually wrapped ones and pop one of them instead of a candy!

I have been following your blog for a while now. It is for that reason I am tagging you.

Please stop by my blog for the rules and questions to answer (a good way to get the blogging going again after the holidays)and then tag 11 people of your own.

Keep up the great blogging.

Also, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. Please go to my blog to read and copy the rules and the questions you are supposed to answer and then you will be off tagging!

Moonbeam Dancer

Julianna Schroeder said...

Thank you, Moonbeam, for thinking of me for your tagging Q&A thing, but I'm simply not into that sort of thing. I'm flattered that you'd want to include little ol' me in the fun!

I think I know what you mean about the individually wrapped prunes--you're talking about those glorious Japanese ones, right, that are both salty and sweet? Mmm, those are great!

Thanks again,