Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Springtime Migration

For those of you on Facebook, you’ve probably been seeing my little posts regarding Facebook’s recent decision to force many “group” pages to become just “pages.” Apparently FB has determined that lots of their “groups” don’t have enough “interactivity” to be considered “groups.” So I’ve created a new Facebook page for the Op Op.

So my current task is to encourage everyone to “friend” the new Op Op Facebook page—that is, to migrate from the old to the new. (Kinda fitting, to migrate in spring, no?)

You can reach the new Op Op page on Facebook by clicking on the little FB "badge" on the right side of this blog.

The old Facebook page was called “The Opulent Opossum for Facebook,” and the new one is called just “The Opulent Opossum.” The former, supposedly, will be “archived” at some point in the next few months, and all members of it will apparently be dropped. That’s why I’ve started the new Op Op page for Facebook—so all you friends can “friend” it (or “like” it, or whatever), and we can continue our merry Op Op Facebooking.

For those of you who don’t do FB, or who do but just haven’t “friended” the Op Op’s FB page, here’s what’s in it for you: Each time I do a new post, I create a link to it on the Op Op’s Facebook page. Then, if you’re a “friend” (or “liker,” or whatever), you’ll receive the notice in your “news feed.” It saves you from the grueling, off-putting task of actually navigating to the Opulent Opossum blog to see if there’s a new post.

Now that I’ve written that, it doesn’t sound like much, does it.

It's also another way to comment on posts and communicate with me, should you so desire. (Some people have complained about the "comments" feature on this actual blog page; using the Op Op's Facebook page circumvents that.)

Anyway, I do get a huge charge out of seeing my Facebook “friends” and Blogger “followers” lists grow, and I love it when I get lots of hits. I suppose, at its roots, this is a self-esteem thing; but whatever.

I do try to provide good information here, honest reflection, authenticity. I really do love cheering for the things I like—whether it’s restaurants, old recipe books, stuff from the attic, or undersung critters that trundle, flutter, or slither through our backyard.

I also work hard to “break up” my wordy text with decent pictures. Indeed: I’d never taken pictures much before I started blogging, and if I’ve improved since March 2009, it’s because of you.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m an inveterate journaler (I’ve kept journals/diaries since 1981), and I’ll keep on writing and reflecting, whether anyone else reads it or not.

But I have to admit—it is incredibly cool to know that y’all are reading.

And so I’m saying something, just this once, that I haven’t said before: Help me out. Spread the word. “Share” a post or two—ones that you thought were pretty good. And “friend” the Op Op’s new Facebook page, and encourage your pals to do so, too. Let’s add some new folks to the lists.

I do genuinely appreciate it.

And now, back to the blogging . . .

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