Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to DSL!

This post is for Sue's folks, who "finally" (their term) got DSL, so they can now see videos over the Internet!

So for them, I'm sharing a few YouTubes that I think they'll like--well, that everybody should like!

Why? Because Tommy Dorsey is tops!

First, the Tommy Dorsey band with a youthful singer named Frank Sinatra, with Connie Haines and the Pied Pipers!

I'm including this next one because there's an actual "movie" to it--but it's not the original recording of "Marie" that we all love so much--the buttery-smooth Jack Leonard vocal is done by some other cuss, and the famous, ripping-it-to-smithereens Bunny Berigan trumpet solo has been transcribed (in harmony!) for the whole trumpet section. Hmmm . . . Anyway, listening to Tommy's trombone solo, you sure can see where Sinatra learned his phrasing.

So because Bunny Berigan was so sadly omitted from the previous song (actually, I think BB was dead by the time they filmed that Dorsey movie), here's an example of a lovely solo by him. One reviewer said, "Bunny Berigan is obviously playing lead trumpet in the Heaven Band."

And finally, in a slightly different vein, a short film of Cowboy Jack Clement about Newport, Arkansas, and the "Air Conditioner Song." Why? Because it's been flippin' hot here in Missouri, and we loves our air conditionings!

Have a good weekend, everybody, and keep cool!

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charlie embry said...

Enjoyed the Dorsey/Sinatra/Haines cut! Where can I get seeds for "Nannie Beans"? Charlie Embry