Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Valentine’s Day, May I Recommend . . .

“Oh, what am I going to do to make this Valentine’s Day really special?” . . . Do you find yourself thinking that some years? Well, if you live in Central Missouri, I’d like to suggest that you stop by the new B.K. Bakery to check out their desserts.

In particular, I would recommend their “individual desserts”—lovely, decorated miniature cakes that are perfect for two people to share. If you’re into chocolate, then the “Ultimate Devil’s Food” would be just the ticket, and a nice alternative to the big box o’ chocolates one usually presents on February 14.

The Ultimate Devil’s Food has devil’s food cake at its core, surrounded by dark chocolate mousse, all covered with a dark chocolate glaze, and perched on a chocolate shortbread cookie. They will pack it in a cute enough little box for you on ordinary days, but for Valentine’s, they have special boxes and Valentine’s-themed decorations for the cakes (see their Web site for that).

You can also get other, similar-sized cakes: Red velvet, “Devil’s Espresso,” “Medieval Carrot,” “Luscious Lemon,” “Vanilla Bean,” and German chocolate. Along with lots of other nice little creations—cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, full-sized cakes, and more.

We honestly haven’t been to B.K. Bakery much yet, but it’s very near our house, and as the weather improves I’m sure it will be on our morning bicycle route, what with their Kaldi’s Coffee (and espresso and all the rest) and fresh scones, muffins, danishes, and what-not. They have croissants, too: plain, chocolate (yes!!), almond, and ham and cheese (yum!).

Now, you already know that I’m always telling you to patronize your local businesses, and this is one. Check them out; give them a try. If they seem a little pricey, then remember this stuff was handmade. Look at their Web site—in addition to specially wrapped and decorated mini-cakes, they’re also selling chocolate-dipped strawberries. They’re requesting you order early.

One more thing to note: Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, but they’re closed Sundays. Hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. He who hesitates is lost, so don’t wait until the last minute!

B.K. Bakery
901A Misouri Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65109

(573) 632-0064 (voice)
(573) 632-0066 (fax)

(They're located on Missouri Boulevard near the intersection with Ohio Street--a little west of where Mo. Blvd. intersects with Highway 54.)

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