Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Christmas Scenes from Last Weekend

When I was younger and trendier, I would have rolled my eyes at what we saw last weekend here in the capital city. Friday night was the “Living Windows” uptown, and Saturday night was the Christmas Parade. You had to look hard to find anything “ironic” or “postmodern” about any of it.

In fact, I think we saw the same kids in the parade as we saw the previous night in the windows. Clean, well-mannered, apple-cheeked youth.

I think what I’m trying to describe is sincerity. And wholesomeness.

Somebody told me that my own hometown, Columbia, just north, has started doing “Living Windows” downtown, too, and on the same night, even. But it’s hard for me to believe that those funked-out, edgy, and self-consciously sophisticated college-town stores have the sheer home-grown charm that you see in Jeff.

Without further ado, here are simply some scenes from the Living Windows and the parade.

Here's a view of High Street during the Living Windows.

There were grown-up singers . . .

. . . and some were a little bit younger.

Some of the performers didn't sing a note.

Of course, it provided the downtown shops an opportunity to show their stuff . . .

. . . and to draw in extra customers, like the Coffee Zone did. It was so cold, coffee was an excellent idea that night.

But there was plenty of free cocoa, hot cider, and cookies being handed out.

. . . Candy canes, too. The newspaper had this "Candy Cane House" for children to walk through. The walls were covered with free candy canes for the grabbing. I don't think that ol' "Crumpet the Elf" here would stop you if you grabbed a couple extra.

There was simply a lot of stuff for everyone. Good, clean stuff you don't have to worry about your kids seeing.

The Christmas parade was pretty much what you'd expect. Local bands, youth groups, church groups, civic groups . . .

. . . Some public officials, too. Here's the mayor (he's the one waving his hand).

All in all, a fun time, a time to smile and forget about problems for a while.

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