Friday, November 20, 2009

Tomorrow Is the Christbaumfest

We're planning on driving to Cole Camp tomorrow to check out their annual Christbaumfest ("Christmas tree festival")--a craft fair in two locations: the gymnasium at Trinity Lutheran Church, and the Jaycee hall.

"Craft items include: Hand-carved train display, Hand-carved santas, Quilts, Wreaths, Quilted jackets, Counted Cross-stitch, Hand-woven rag rugs, Ceramics, Rag quilts and bags, Appliqued clothing, Baked goods, Stuff-your-own-critter, Candles, Floral Arrangements, Purses and Jewelry, Ornaments, Dolls, Scarves, Quillows, Pottery and much, much more."

Plus, there will be open houses at the town's antique and craft shops, and you can catch lunch at the Lutheran school's cafeteria, where they're serving soups and sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.

(This image was copied from Cole Camp's Web site.)

Here's the link for more information.

Seriously, check out Cole Camp's Web site for more on the town's history. Many of their community events spring from the town's strong German heritage, and it's a beautiful historic town, surrounded by both prairie and Ozark hills. You might even say "idyllic."

. . . And we'll even enjoy the drive to get there.


Susan said...

Cole Camp really is a nice little town. I admire the way they've reinvented and reinvigorated themselves. I'd like to visit there again to take in more of the shops.

Julie said...

I was impressed by the antiques and gift shops I went in while we were there; very comfortable, laid-back, clean, nicely arranged, not crowded, and the people were very nice.

Linda Smith-Sepac said...

Will you be attending Christbaumfest 2015?

Julianna Schroeder said...

Thanks for asking, Linda, but we weren't able to make it this year. Long story, but this was an exceptionally busy Christmas season! I hope it went well!

Best regards,