Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peppers, and Mrs. Argiope 2009

Here are a few recent pictures to update you on a couple of things around the yard.

First, here's a few of the glocken peppers as they're maturing. I showed them to you last month. Now they're changing color! Pretty sweet, huh?

(Sweet . . . and spicy!)

And here's a picture of an argiope--apparently the only one we have--probably a descendant of the one we had last year, whose egg case I showed you back in April. This spider has been building her webs in a yucca. (I was pleased that this picture showed some of the velvety texture on her abdomen.)

By the way, I have to mention, with a certain degree of pride, that I suspect I'm displaying the only photograph of an argiope's arse on the entire Internet.


Dumas said...

I think that you are wrong about the identity of that spider, it seems to me like an Argiope aurantia. I could not actually find any reference to such A. arse


Julie said...

Ha ha ha, thanks Dumas, you really made my day! Yes, I know it's A. aurantia. They are one of my favorite spiders.

Did you check the link to my April post where I showed the egg case this individual probably hatched from? here's the link again:

Anyway, to be totally clear: Arse = ass; buttocks; anus; poopchute. I was joking about me being the only person to take a nice pretty picture of an Argiope aruantia's butt. Or if you really want to be technical, it's the posteriormost end of her opisthosoma.

In other words: I'm guilty of puerile humor.

I guess if I were a new species of Argiope, they could name *me* "A. arse"!

Thanks for your comment. I should remember to post the full scientific name each time, for clarity.

:) I'm still laughing about this!

Dumas said...

hahahahahaha hilarious...well this kind of things happens with non-native speakers like me...