Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fourth

I've been pretty busy; we're going to have a little shindig with the neighbors involving a barbecue grill tomorrow evening, so in addition to all the usual work, we cut the grass today, went to the grocery store, made up a big bowl of potato salad (German--is there any other kind?), and so on.

I took some time out this afternoon and walked around the yard with the camera.

It's always intrigued me how, just about the time the Fourth rolls around, a majority of the flowers remind me of fireworks shooting off. The colors are more intense, the petals flare out dramatically, the shapes flay and spray out like an explosion.

(I wish I had also gotten a picture of a mimosa. This time of year, they're always blooming-exploding, too!)


JaneL said...

I hope you're not rained out. The weather here has been so cloudy and dreary, so it's a good thing the flowers are all bright and sparkly. I was just thinking last night that all my recent flower photos are red and orange, but it hadn't occurred to me how appropriate that is for the Fourth.

Julie said...

We had a little downpour right around five, enough to drive our picnic from the back of our neighbors' house to the front (they have a nice front porch). Then, only light sprinkles during the fireworks; then another downpour right when they got finished. Which is to say, the weather basically cooperated!

When I was a little girl I opened a "fireworks stand" of mimosa flowers, plantains (which you can twist, fold, and make a pop-gun out of), and miscellaneous other natural items, mostly flowers, that seemed spectacular to me. Yeah, it was another dumb-little-girl project, but ever since then I've carried the belief that this season's flowers are the "real" fireworks.

Them . . . and the lightning bugs!