Monday, April 6, 2009

Kids' Stuff

Ha ha ha--building on the last few posts, here are some fun things to look at.

First, you have to meet "Mr. Toast Doll" and his friends "Joe the Egg," "Clem Lemon," and "Shaky Bacon."

Now, is it just me, or does Clem look out of place with those three? I think he wants to join up with "Mr. Mutt-ini" . . . or Wally Walleye or any of his terrific friends. (Oh, boy, they have a plush barracuda! And jellyfish toys!! How cool is that!)

Finally . . . if you leave all your little friends sitting around on the counter too long, they can start playing with an entire host of new friends . . . And a great way to teach proper food-handling practices to th' young 'uns . . .

P.S. Thanks, Jane, for the Mr. Toast tip. He's surely a crusty ol' dude, but I think a person could snuggle up to him just the same.

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